var titres_secteurs = new Array() var details_secteurs = new Array() function check_pos() { if (pos > titres_secteurs.length-1) pos = 0; if (pos < 0) pos = titres_secteurs.length-1; } function affiche_secteur(pos) { ns6 = (document.getElementById && !document.all); titre = ns6 ? document.getElementById("div_titre") : document.all.div_titre; detail = ns6 ? document.getElementById("div_detail") : document.all.div_detail; titre.innerHTML = titres_secteurs[pos]; = "hidden"; = ""; detail.innerHTML = details_secteurs[pos]; if (detail.offsetHeight > 149) = "scroll"; else = ""; = "visible"; // alert(detail.offsetHeight) } function inc() { pos++; check_pos(); affiche_secteur(pos); } function dec() { pos--; check_pos(); affiche_secteur(pos); } titres_secteurs[0] = 'Agriculture'; details_secteurs[0] = 'Cereal cultivation ; industrial cultivation
Vegetable cultivation ; gardening
Horticulture ; tree-nursery
Fruit cultivation
Bovine breeding
Ovine, caprine and horse breeding
Poultry breeding
Productive cultivation services
Breeding-related services
'; titres_secteurs[1] = 'Forestry, forest exploitation'; details_secteurs[1] = 'Forest exploitation (cork)
'; titres_secteurs[2] = 'Fishing, aquaculture'; details_secteurs[2] = 'Fishing
Fish breeding, aquaculture
'; titres_secteurs[3] = 'Hydrocarbon extraction'; details_secteurs[3] = 'Hydrocarbon extraction
Related services to hydrocarbon extraction
'; titres_secteurs[4] = 'Other extraction industries'; details_secteurs[4] = 'Extraction of stones for building
Extraction of industrial limestone, gypsum and chalk
Production of sand and granules
Extraction of clay and kaolin
Extraction of minerals for chemical industry and natural fertilizers
Salt production
Other extraction activities
'; titres_secteurs[5] = 'Food industry'; details_secteurs[5] = 'Production of butchery meat
Production of poultry meat
Industrial preparation of meat-based products
Hallal delicatessen
Fish industry
Transformation and conservation of potatoes
Preparation of fruit and vegetable juice
Transformation and conservation of vegetables
Transformation and conservation of fruits
Manufacture of raw oil and fat
Manufacture of refined oil and fat
Manufacture of margarine
Manufacture of liquid milk and fresh products
Manufacture of ice and sorbets
Other activities of grain work
Manufacture of food for farm animals
Industrial manufacture of bread and pastry
Cooking of bakery products
Bakery and bread and pastry shop
Pastry shop
Rusk factory, biscuit factory, conservation pastry
Sugar manufacture
Chocolate factory, confectionery
Manufacture of alimentary pasta
Transformation of tea and coffee
Manufacture of condiments and seasoning
Manufacture of child-adapted and health food
Production of fermentation ethylic alcohol
Malt house
Drinking water industry
Production of refreshing drinks
Other food industries
'; titres_secteurs[6] = 'Tobacco industries'; details_secteurs[6] = 'Tobacco industries
'; titres_secteurs[7] = 'Textile industry'; details_secteurs[7] = 'Weaving of cotton industry
Weaving of wool industry card cycle
Weaving of wool industry comb cycle
Weaving of silk
Weaving of other textiles
Manufacture of linen and furniture
Manufacture of small textile bedding ware
Manufacture of other textile-made ware
Manufacture of carpets and moquettes
String factory, rope factory, manufacture of nets
Manufacture of unwoven ware
Manufacture of stitch cloth
Manufacture of pullovers and similar articles
'; titres_secteurs[8] = 'Clothing industry'; details_secteurs[8] = 'Manufacture of leather clothes
Manufacture of work clothes
Manufacture of men and boys over wear
Manufacture of women over wear
Manufacture of underwear
Manufacture of other clothes and accessories
'; titres_secteurs[9] = 'Leather and shoe industry'; details_secteurs[9] = 'Dressing and tanning of leather
Manufacture of travel goods and fancy-leather goods
Manufacture of shoes
'; titres_secteurs[10] = 'Woodcraft and manufacture of wood articles'; details_secteurs[10] = 'Sawing and planing of wood
Impregnation of wood
Manufacture of wood panels
Manufacture of framework and joinery
Manufacture of wood packages
Manufacture of various wood objects
Manufacture of cork objects, basket-making or esparto manufacture
'; titres_secteurs[11] = 'Paper and cardboard industry'; details_secteurs[11] = 'Manufacture of pulp
Manufacture of paper and cardboard
Undulating cardboard industry
Manufacture of cardboard
Manufacture of wrapping paper
Manufacture of paper articles for sanitary or domestic use
Manufacture of stationery articles
Manufacture of other paper or cardboard articles
'; titres_secteurs[12] = 'Editing, printing, reproduction'; details_secteurs[12] = 'Book editing
Newspaper editing
Magazine and periodical editing
Editing of sound recordings
Other editing activities
Newspaper printing
'; titres_secteurs[13] = 'Oil refining'; details_secteurs[13] = ''; titres_secteurs[14] = 'Chemical industry'; details_secteurs[14] = 'Manufacture of industrial gas
Manufacture of colouring and pigments
Manufacture of other non-organic based chemical products
Manufacture of other organic-based chemical products
Manufacture of nitrogenous products and of fertilizers
Manufacture of basic plastics
Manufacture of synthetical rubber
Manufacture of agro chemistry products
Manufacture of paint and varnish
Manufacture of basic pharmaceutical products
Manufacture of soap, detergents and house care products
Manufacture of perfume and washing products
Manufacture of glue and gelatine
Manufacture of essential oils
Manufacture of data
Manufacture of artificial and synthetic fibres
'; titres_secteurs[15] = 'Rubber and plastic industry'; details_secteurs[15] = 'Manufacture of tyres
Remoulding of tyres
Manufacture of other rubber articles
Manufacture of plastic plates, sheets, tubes et sections
Manufacture of plastic packages
Manufacture of building plastic elements
Manufacture of various plastic articles
Manufacture of plastic technical pieces
'; titres_secteurs[16] = 'Manufacture of other non metallic mineral products'; details_secteurs[16] = 'Manufacture of flat glass
Shaping and transformation of flat glass
Manufacture of hollow glass
Manufacture of fibreglass
Manufacture and shaping of glass technical articles
Manufacture of glass insulators
Manufacture of ceramic articles for domestic or ornamental use
Manufacture of ceramic sanitary equipment
Manufacture of ceramic insulators and insulating pieces
Manufacture of other ceramic products for technical use
Manufacture of other ceramic products
Manufacture of fire-proof ceramic products
Manufacture of ceramic panes
Manufacture of bricks
Manufacture of tiles
Manufacture of various terracotta products
Manufacture of cement
Manufacture of lime
Manufacture of plaster
Manufacture of concrete building elements
Manufacture of plaster building elements
Stone work
Manufacture of abrasive products
Other manufacture of non metallic mineral products
'; titres_secteurs[17] = 'Metallurgy'; details_secteurs[17] = 'Iron and steel industry
Manufacture of cast iron tubes
Manufacture of steel tubes
Cold drawing
Cold lamination of hoop-iron
Cold shaping by forming or folding
Cold wiredrawing
Production of precious metals
Production of aluminium
First transformation of aluminium
Production of lead, zinc or tin
First transformation of lead, zinc or tin
Production of copper
First transformation of copper
Metallurgy of other non ferrous metals
Cast iron foundry
Steel foundry
Light metals foundry
Other non ferrous metals foundry
'; titres_secteurs[18] = 'Metal work'; details_secteurs[18] = 'Manufacture of metallic construction
Manufacture of joinery and metallic fastening
Manufacture of tanks, cisterns and metallic containers
Manufacture of heaters and boilers for central heating
Manufacture of vapour generators
Boiler works and piping
Forge, stamping, die stamping
Cutting, stamping
Powder metallurgy
Metal processing and coating
Screw cutting
Manufacture of cutlery
Manufacture of hand tools
Manufacture of mechanic tools
Manufacture of locks and hinges
Manufacture of barrels and similar metallic package
Manufacture of light metallic package
Manufacture of metallic wire articles
Screws, nuts and bolts
Manufacture of springs
Manufacture of chains
Manufacture of metallic household articles
Manufacture of small metallic articles
Manufacture of various metallic articles
'; titres_secteurs[19] = 'Manufacture of machines and equipments'; details_secteurs[19] = 'Manufacture of engines and turbines
Manufacture of pumps
Manufacture of hydraulic transmissions and tyres
Manufacture of compressors
Manufacture of taps
Manufacture of rolling
Manufacture of mechanic pieces of transmission
Manufacture of ovens and burners
Manufacture of lifts, elevators and escalators
Manufacture of lifting and handling equipments
Manufacture of industrial aeraulic and refrigerating equipments
Manufacture of packing and packaging equipments
Manufacture of weighing apparatus
Manufacture of equipment for chemical industries
Manufacture of other general-use machines
Manufacture of farm tractors
Manufacture of farm equipment
Manufacture of machines-tools for metals
Manufacture of machines-tools for wood
Manufacture of portable machines-tools with incorporated engine
Manufacture of welding equipment
Manufacture of other machines-tools
Manufacture of metallurgy equipment
Manufacture of mine equipment for extraction
Manufacture of public works equipment
Manufacture of machines for food industry
Manufacture of machines for textile industry
Manufacture of machines for paper and cardboard industry
Manufacture of printing equipment
Manufacture of machines for rubber and plastic work
Manufacture of moulds and models
Manufacture of machines for automatic assembling
Manufacture of various specialized machines
Manufacture of electric household appliances
Manufacture of non-electric household appliances
'; titres_secteurs[20] = 'Manufacture of office machines and computer equipment'; details_secteurs[20] = 'Manufacture of office machines
Manufacture of computers and other computer equipment
Manufacture of machines electric equipment
Manufacture of engines, generators et electric transformers < 750 KW
Manufacture of engines, generators et electric transformers > 750 KW
Servicing of electric equipment
Manufacture of distribution equipment or low-voltage electric control
Manufacture of distribution equipment or high-voltage electric control
Manufacture of isolated wires and cables
Manufacture of accumulators and electric batteries
Manufacture of lamps
Manufacture of safety autonomous electric apparatus
Manufacture of lighting apparatus
Manufacture of electric equipment for engines and vehicles
Manufacture of industrial electromagnetic equipment
Other manufacture of electric equipment
'; titres_secteurs[21] = 'Manufacture of de radio, television and communication equipment'; details_secteurs[21] = 'Manufacture of passive components and condensers
Manufacture of active electronic components
Manufacture of hertzian emission and transmission equipment
Manufacture of telephony apparatus
Manufacture of receiving, recording, sound and image reproduction apparatus
'; titres_secteurs[22] = 'Manufacture of medical, precision, optical and clock-making instruments'; details_secteurs[22] = 'Manufacture of equipment for medical scanning and radiology
Manufacture of medical surgery apparatus
Manufacture of navigation help equipment
Manufacture of scientific and technical instrumentation
Manufacture of equipment for the control of industrial processes
Manufacture of glasses
Manufacture of optical instruments and photographic equipment
'; titres_secteurs[23] = 'Car industry'; details_secteurs[23] = 'Manufacture of motor-cars
Manufacture of motor-car bodies
Manufacture of caravans and leisure vehicles
Manufacture of motor-car equipments
'; titres_secteurs[24] = 'Manufacture of other transport equipments'; details_secteurs[24] = 'Construction of civil ships
Naval reparation
Construction of pleasure-boats
Construction of train equipment
Manufacture of motorcycles
Manufacture of bicycles
Manufacture of vehicles for the disabled
Other manufacture of transport equipment
'; titres_secteurs[25] = 'Manufacture of furniture ; various industries'; details_secteurs[25] = 'Manufacture of seats
Manufacture of office and shop furniture
Manufacture of kitchen furniture
Manufacture of movables
Manufacture of garden and exterior furniture
Other manufacture of furniture
Furniture-related industries
Manufacture of mattresses
Manufacture of coins and medals
Jewellery, goldsmith’s trade
Manufacture of musical instruments
Manufacture of sport articles
Manufacture of games and toys
Fancy jewellery
Brush-trade industry
Other manufacturing activities
'; titres_secteurs[26] = 'Recycling'; details_secteurs[26] = 'Recycling of metallic recyclable matter
Recycling of non-metallic recyclable matter
'; titres_secteurs[27] = 'Electricity and gas production and distribution'; details_secteurs[27] = 'Electricity production
Electricity transport
Electricity distribution and commerce
Production of gas fuel
Distribution of gas fuel
'; titres_secteurs[28] = 'Water collecting, treatment and distribution'; details_secteurs[28] = 'Water collecting, treatment and distribution
'; titres_secteurs[29] = 'Building'; details_secteurs[29] = 'Various excavations, demolition
Mass excavation
Drilling and boring
Building of detached houses
Building of various buildings
Building of civil engineering structures
Underground works
Network implementation
Building of electric and telecommunication lines
Realization of element covering
Waterproofness works
Framework works
Building of railways
Building of roadways and sports soils
Maritime and fluvial works
Lifting, assembling
Other specialized building works
General masonry works
Electric setting works
Insulation works
Water and gas setting
Thermic equipment and air-conditioning setting
Other setting works
Wood and plastic joinery
Metallic joinery ; locksmith’s trade
Soil and wall covering
Building mirror trade ; glaziery
Arrangement of sales premises
Finish works
Renting building equipment with operator
'; titres_secteurs[30] = 'Car trade and reparation'; details_secteurs[30] = 'Motor-car trade
Car maintenance and reparation
Wholesale of car equipment
Retail of car equipment
Motorcycle trade and reparation
Retail of fuel
Wholesale and commerce intermediary
Food central merchandizing
Non-food central merchandizing
'; titres_secteurs[31] = 'Hotels and restaurants'; details_secteurs[31] = 'Tourist hotels with or without restaurant
Youth hostels and homes
Exploitation of camping grounds
Other tourist accommodation
Traditional catering
Fast-food catering
Canteens, entreprise restaurants
Collective catering under contract
Caterers, organisation of receptions
'; titres_secteurs[32] = 'Land, water and air transport'; details_secteurs[32] = 'Urban transport of passengers
Regular road transport of passengers
Road transport of vicinity goods
Interurban road transport of goods
Lorry renting with a driver
Shipping transport
Coastal transport
Air transport whether regular or not
'; titres_secteurs[33] = 'Transport auxiliary services'; details_secteurs[33] = 'Port and non-port handling
Cold and non-refrigerating storing
Road transport infrastructure management
Port and shipping services
Airport services
Tour operators
Distribution service, express freight
Organisation of international transports
'; titres_secteurs[34] = 'Financial intermediation'; details_secteurs[34] = 'Banks
Mutualist banks
Monetary intermediations
Credit distribution
Various financial intermediations
'; titres_secteurs[35] = 'Insurances'; details_secteurs[35] = 'Life insurance and capitalisation
Property and casualty insurance
'; titres_secteurs[36] = 'Real estate'; details_secteurs[36] = 'Real estate development of housing
Real estate development of offices
Real estate development of infrastructure
Management of housing estates
Management of other real estates
'; titres_secteurs[37] = 'Renting without operator'; details_secteurs[37] = 'Short-time motor-car renting
Long-time motor-car renting
Renting of other road transport equipment
Renting of shipping equipment
Renting of air transport equipment
Renting of farm equipment
Renting of building machines and equipment
Renting of office machines and computer equipment
Renting of machines and various equipments
Renting of linen
Renting of other personal and domestic goods
'; titres_secteurs[38] = 'Computer activities'; details_secteurs[38] = 'Computer systems consultant
Software editing
Other activities of software development
Data processing
Data bank activities
Maintenance, reparation of office machines and computer equipment
Other computer-related activities
'; titres_secteurs[39] = 'Main enterprise services'; details_secteurs[39] = 'Marketing research and surveys
Management and business consulting
Enterprise management
Engineering, technical analyses
Car technical control
Analyses, tests and technical inspections
Management of advertising media
Advertising agencies and consultants
Selection and disposal of personnel
Temporary work
Cleaning activities
Studios and other photographic activities
Developing and printing laboratories
Order packaging
Secretaryship and translation
Sorting and mailing
Call centres
Organisation of trade fairs and shows
Production-related services